Fine Art Print of Solitude by Evers Photography LLC

I can still remember the first time I picked up a camera. It was right when digital photography was just gaining ground on the film market back in 2004. It was a actually a camera for work and I took it home for a weekend. I headed out to a covered bridge and began photographing the beautiful fall landscape. I was so excited to bring the images home and see what I captured. 

Rolling through the images I was overcome by this intense feeling of amazement. The picture took me back to the scene itself. I could smell the fall leaves again. Hear the rushing sound of the water crashing over the dam. The warm sun on my face and a cool breeze on my back. That is what a picture should be for every one. A journey into another place or time or reliving a memory of a favorite destination. It should evoke emotion and captivate you to want to go back there or go there for the first time. 

In each of my images there is a story behind them as well as emotions and feelings. I choose to sell my art because I wanted individuals to be able to experience what I felt in the moment I was taking the image. 

Our image collections are broken down into 3 categories. Artist Proofs, Limited Edition Prints and Fine Art Prints. 

Artists Proofs 

Artist Proof – “An artist’s proof is, at least in theory, an impression of a print taken in the process to see the current printing state being worked on by the artist. A proof may show a clearly incomplete image, often called a working proof or trial impression, but in modern practice is usually used to describe an impression of the finished work that is identical to the numbered copies.”

Since artist proofs are a product of the printing process  they will not be included in the overall count of limited edition series. The artist’s proof retains special value due to many factors that can include  possible differences from the “final” print. For these reasons  artist proofs often reflect a larger investment over the limited editions. 

 Limited Edition Prints

Only a select number of images will be made available as limited edition prints. The edition number is displayed on each photograph along with the artist’s signature.  A  certificate of authenticity is issued with each photographic print. Pricing varies by size and quantity sold. After every 100 Limited Edition photographs are sold, the image appreciates to the next value level across �all sizes. This ensures a “limited edition” image that can be treasured for generations to come. Limited sizes available. 

Limited Edition Prints come in the following mediums: 

Metal, Canvas, Acrylic, Matted Print

Fine Art Prints

General prints come with a certificate of authenticity. Pricing will not change do to number of prints sold. General prints can be printed on any one of the mediums we offer in a number of general sizes. 

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